Our Story

Our Story

The LEEOR Devora Perl Foundation (LEEOR) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in July 2014 following the sudden, tragic passing of Leeor Devora Perl on June 18, 2014 at age 13 years and 8 months. The oldest of three children, Leeor was very close to her two younger brothers. They loved spending time together, sharing a wide range of mutual interests. Leeor was self-motivated, driven by a desire to always achieve her potential, with a zest for life and a yen for learning. She loved reading, walking, biking, gymnastics, dance, crazy roller coasters, holidays and spending time with family and friends. Outgoing, spirited, fun, and always happy, Leeor was also known for her warm, giving, kind, and inclusive personality.

A special and radiant soul whose life reflected what it means to be a sister, daughter, student, camper and friend, Leeor taught us how to live a full, meaningful, and moral life. In Leeor’s memory and merit, LEEOR will give to others just as Leeor did in her lifetime. The funds we raise will help to enrich the lives of other children.

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In Leeor’s Words

On June 9, 2014, nine days before her passing, Leeor graduated from eighth grade. She wrote the following words in her yearbook:

“God gave me the wondrous gift of life. I choose to travel on my life journey with a smile – it makes every
experience that much sweeter. In school we learn that free will and the exercise of free choice is a precondition of moral life...And so I choose to travel down the happy road, smiling the whole way, bringing cheer to others, and hopefully, they will pay it forward.”